My name is Casey Britton! I'm a designer and advertiser currently residing in New Jersey. I am a University of North Florida Alumna with a BFA in Graphic Design & Digital Media and a BS in Communications concentrated in Advertising. Currently, I work as a Digital Marketing Associate for my local library system focusing mostly on email newsletters and social media. On the side I also design and run a digital art and literary magazine, Gypsophila, and continuously give myself design projects to stay creative.

I have always had a love for all things creative so it made sense for me to pursue a creative degree. Most of the time I'm behind the camera or behind the computer, but when I'm not there are a few places you could find me: a coffee shop (oftentimes with said computer), any museum (doesn't matter if it's art or history, I'll be there), or wandering around town as my sister and friends' personal photographer or with my film camera trying to use up the last few shots on a roll.
Have a gander at my portfolio or shoot me an email at to create something great together!
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