While at GMB I was also given multiple research products for different clients.
Hedgehog and Friends Vet Research: The largest assignment I completed for H&F was a veterinary research project. For future use, my supervisor tasked me with collecting veterinary clinic and hospital information from vets in the southeastern states and west coast states of the US. The main requirement for these veterinarians is that they treat hedgehogs or "exotic" and "pocket pets."
For this excel list I included the following: vet hospital, main veterinary/exotic veterinary, location, phone, website, email, links to social media pages, whether the clinic obviously states they treat hedgehogs, and any other notes I thought necessary for my supervisor to know. Each state has its own running excel sheet.

Hedgehog and Friends Instagram Influencer Research:  I also completed influencer research for Hedgehogs and Friends. Previously, Go Bright Marketing had found popular hedgehogs via Instagram but did not have an ongoing list of hedgehog influencers. I was tasked with finding hedgehogs and "friends" (rats, ferrets, rabbits, other small mammals) on instagram with at least 10k followers and collecting each influencer's information if provided.
For this project, each species of "friend" has its own running sheet (i.e. guinea pigs/cavies are separate from ferrets). For each species I collected the following information: animal(s) name, owners name, living (y/n), email address, location, mailing address (if provided), link to instagram, amount of followers, links to other social media accounts, and links or notes on any affiliations.

Sun Paws Influencer Research: For GBM's client Sun Paws, I expanded upon, and updated, a previous intern's influencer research. I was tasked with finding dogs on instagram with at least 15k followers. Information collected for this project is the same as that collected for the H&F Influencer research described above.

Future Client Research: My supervisor also asked me to research pet websites and magazines for future use with Go Bright Marketing's animal related clients. I researched sites and magazines pertaining to general/all animals and those geared more towards specific species and breeds—each species/breed has its own excel sheet of dedicated magazines.
For this research project, I collected the following: name of the outlet, site URL, Facebook URL, Facebook followers/likes, Twitter URL, Twitter followers, Instagram URL, Instagram followers, Youtube URL, Youtube subscribers, Pinterest URL, Pinterest followers, Media Kit and Rate Sheet, event calendar, email for editorial staff, and any other notes I thought necessary for my supervisor to know.

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