Sun Coast Hedgehogs, a hedgehog breeding company, was another client I did a lot of work for during my internship with Go Bright Marketing. Much of what I completed for this client was photography, photo editing and graphic design work. I was tasked, multiple times, with photographing new hedgehogs in preparation for their debut on the company's website.
What I Did: Photography, Graphic Design, Content Creation and Social Media Captions
Photography: While at my internship, I took "listing" photos for the hedgehogs ready to be sold. Some made it to social media and some I took for future use. I was given a template and had to photograph based on type placement and input the new photos into the photoshop file.[0]=68.ARB5s8R0QWJCqaLXbmD3Wlud4GGbJJpz_bHEuvLHPQT1em_LiE5EJ0PEQzNXAoMoJumWj9t2tfFdcoO0b2PaVnBnFI_uA_kazGVUJchP_3tILKJBltqiT1PdEyetf56W5QbqBDtSuDM7bkIVMxbmFF8kj8-1qZAhxhgzP4hvdfpNIatBVPHhSk_NLiUSl0ZYMiwevHz8GRM5HKhz9nyOqkSbXT-eb5GcWT74MR2D9oEThi8jdnhhWeRvLJjxMylPFqqm8tU78rvlXTvnoewX_pTtarJglPO8Kqme3KIO9HTXaE8pI7SvvvX29KDYSGpmiVg_0ZxSXaD4h0vK5bR3NcZQqw&__tn__=-R[0]=68.ARB5s8R0QWJCqaLXbmD3Wlud4GGbJJpz_bHEuvLHPQT1em_LiE5EJ0PEQzNXAoMoJumWj9t2tfFdcoO0b2PaVnBnFI_uA_kazGVUJchP_3tILKJBltqiT1PdEyetf56W5QbqBDtSuDM7bkIVMxbmFF8kj8-1qZAhxhgzP4hvdfpNIatBVPHhSk_NLiUSl0ZYMiwevHz8GRM5HKhz9nyOqkSbXT-eb5GcWT74MR2D9oEThi8jdnhhWeRvLJjxMylPFqqm8tU78rvlXTvnoewX_pTtarJglPO8Kqme3KIO9HTXaE8pI7SvvvX29KDYSGpmiVg_0ZxSXaD4h0vK5bR3NcZQqw&__tn__=-R
Graphic Design: Another design project I was tasked with was Instagram stories for SCH. The objective was to create versatile, branded, blank stories that could be used for different story purposes. In total I created six story backgrounds using the two brand colors and three hedgehog images to create variety and options.
Content Ideation and Social Media Captions: The other two common tasks I was given for SCH was content ideation and creation and caption writing. For content ideation my objective was to conceptualize photo-ops based off weird July holidays found here. My solution was to organize possible photo ideas using excel sheets and included the following: the dates images would correspond with, image ideas, links to any inspirational photos, links to possible props needed and any other notes I felt necessary for my supervisor to know about each photo idea.

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